Your equipment, ready when your employees need it, no matter where they’re working from. MTS provides a warehousing service tailored to the needs of today’s business. Many businesses, ourselves included, have ramped up remote hiring. The logistics for onboarding new employees, without a central office to stockpile machines, and an office manager to distribute them, has become a major pain point. We stock both new and your existing IT equipment from our secure staffed warehousing location with US shipping and NYC courier services to get your machines in your employee’s hands.


Equipment Replacement

When your user needs a new computer, whether they’re ready for an upgrade or if they need a repair. We send them a provisioned machine from your inventory, with a return label, to send back the equipment they are parting with. When we get back the original computer, it gets fully checked, serviced, and wiped before it’s placed back in your inventory for your next user that needs a replacement.


Provisioning Services

We know MDM, DEP, ABM, Jamf, AutoPilot, Intune, SSO, you name it. Whether you need us to simply power on your device with the internet to grab its configuration, follow a list of defined steps for your user, or somewhere in between, we can provision your devices so they are fully ready to get into your user’s hands. From Zero-Touch, One-Touch, to Custom Configuration we can help plan, provision, and deploy devices how your organization needs.


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