Managed Security Services

As your MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider), MTS keeps your employees secure and your company compliant with our suite of Security Services. We have a standard set of policies and tools we recommend,which we work with you to customize to your specific compliance needs, creating a holistic approach to providing support and security to your entire organization.


End User Security Training

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization, they are also your biggest security concern. An employee that isn’t trained to spot a common phishing campaign can lead a malicious actor right through the gates. MTS partners with industry leading security training providers to bring ongoing training to every member of your organization. Reduce the risk of errant wire transfers, data loss, and compromised privileged accounts by arming your staff to navigate today’s internet.


Compliance as a Service (CaaS)

Compliance generally means aligning your organization with industry standard security guidelines or trying to keep pace with the checklists and self-audits vendors increasingly require. If you have a compliance target you want, or are compelled, to meet, MTS can help move you towards those goals.


SaaS Tool Implementation and Management

The array of tools available to keep your business secure is rapidly growing and evolving: URL filtering, EDR, VPN, DLP, IPS, SIEM, IdP, etc. Utilize our team’s experience across multiple verticals to find the solutions that will work and scale with you. We can help integrate them into your overall architecture and deploy required tools to your endpoints. We can monitor, maintain, and modify your systems to keep you safe as threats adapt.


System & Network Audits

Almost every system has some areas for improvement. MTS will use our years of experience and a modern toolset, to find the holes and help you patch them. An in depth review of your critical systems and network can help overturn vulnerabilities, granting you opportunities to reduce threats and increase organizational security.


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