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  • Managed Services

    Proactive support designed to minimize downtime and improve user experience.

    ✓ Live Chat and Phone Support

    ✓ Proactive Monitoring

    ✓ Automated Device Management

    ✓ Employee Onboarding & Offboarding

    ✓ IT Strategy & Planning

  • Jamf Administration

    Talos Fleet Management, Mac Provisioning as a Service powered by Jamf.

    ✓ Apple Device Management

    ✓ Inventory Collection

    ✓ Patching, and Settings Management

    ✓ Enterprise-class Cloud Architecture

    ✓ “Beyond the Box” Scripting

  • Warehousing Service

    Your equipment, ready when your employees need it, no matter where they’re working from.

    ✓ Stock New & Existing Equipment

    ✓ Secure Staffed Location

    ✓ US Shipping and Retrievals

    ✓ Repairs and Redeployments

    ✓ Zero-Touch & Custom Configurations

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“The team at MTS has been a valuable asset and a true partner to Relay Network as it grows.”

Joe D.
Operations Manager - Relay Network