Network Wiring and Management

Whether you need a few extra ports added to facilitate growth, or need a complete buildout for a move or expansion, we have experienced network techs to design, implement, and manage all your networking needs.


Wireless Planning and Optimization

WiFi is the lifeblood of the modern office. Using our specialized tools and expertise we can help map the proper locations and wireless spectrums for your Wireless Access Points to provide full coverage in your office, with a special focus in high occupancy areas, where your wifi needs to shine.


Network Vulnerability Assessments

The objective of our Network Vulnerability Assessment (NVA) is to assess your company’s network security posture, from both outside and inside of its network perimeter. The procedures used are designed as non-intrusive as possible and are intended to identify, verify, and validate security configuration controls, vulnerabilities, and patch levels of systems that support day-to-day organizational operations. This effort is to satisfy both security and audit requirements under information technology for testing of internal controls involving computer-based systems and data communications networks. The methodology used will provide an understanding of organizational security risks, security control effectiveness, and vulnerabilities at the network, system and operating system level of the computing environment. A report of findings will be supplied at the completion of the assessment.


Internet of Things

From simple wireless speaker systems, to fully automated conference room systems, the modern formed office needs the proper planning and infrastructure to successfully allow these systems to thrive, securely, in your office.


Television Calibration

Ensure that your television in your home or conference room is displaying the colors as they were meant to be seen.Using specialized software and hardware, we evaluate and calibrate your televisions to the correct standard so you never miss out on a dark scene again.


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