Mac Fleet Management

Talos Fleet Management is our Jamf Pro as a Service offering to automate your company’s Mac provisioning, security settings and patch management.

Talos Fleet Management

  • Application provisioning
  • OS configuration and update management
  • Corporate branding
  • Device enrollment
  • Device inventory collection
  • Remote locking and wiping of devices
  • Integrations

Why use Talos Fleet Management?


The Talos team has 74 years of Jamf Mac management combined. This experience has been poured into the creation, management and day to day support of Talos. 


When managing your own Jamf, you rely on your sole admin or two admins (expensive!) to maintain your Jamf. With Talos, you’re not hiring a person, you’re getting a service that is supported by a team that has been working together for over a decade on Jamf. 

Immediate Benefit

Getting your in-house Jamf up and running takes time. To do it yourself you would have to hire at least one or two admins, schedule a Jamf install, give your new admins months to setup Jamf to begin to receive some basic benefits of Jamf. With Talos, you get a 6-year product which relies on a team with 74 years of experience within 1 week of signing up. 

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