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High level IT guidance is essential for any business to succeed today. If you choose the wrong platform, inadequate infrastructure or fail to implement data security best practices, it puts the business at risk. In the modern digital era, companies need clear guidance to make decisions about their technology. But senior tech staff like CIOs and CTOs are very expensive. While it makes sense for companies with thousands of employees to hire that level of staff, it doesn’t make sense for companies with hundreds of employees.

But these companies still need extremely high quality guidance and direction from an experienced Technology expert. This is where the Fractional or Virtual CIO comes in, the vCIO.

vCIO is a service where a company can outsource their CIO needs at a fraction of the cost. You can still get the highest quality guidance and support, while still staying within your budget.


What does a CIO do? In short, Chief Information Officers (CIO) provide overall direction, guidance and support regarding Technology to the business.

These duties include formulating long term strategic IT goals, planning and tracking the IT budget, analyzing and reworking business processes to make more efficient use of technology, and automation as well as facilitating technology changes. While the vCIO can help you maintain your business IT infrastructure, the best use is to provide more-forward looking services.

For example, a vCIO can work with you to plan out and execute a technology roadmap, or identify opportunities to make use of new technology tools. If your business lacks an internal IT department or has a very limited IT staff, you may want to consider granting wider decision-making authority and technology deployment responsibilities to the vCIO. The main difference between the vCIO function and other technical advisory services is that the vCIO takes a broader view of your organization, focusing on business and IT alignment.

CIOs do not provide frontline IT support and they do not supervise frontline IT support. They are overall responsible for IT service delivery and support to the business. With vCIO your business can get the highest level of IT expertise at a fraction of the cost.

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